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If you haven’t already done so, please visit the 9•12 Photos Gallery. There you’ll find photos that were taken by Deb Phillips at a number of political rallies over the last few years, beginning with the 9/12/09 Washington, DC Tea Party, the historic event that spurred the launch of

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If you’re interested in purchasing photo products from the gallery, please review the information provided below. Feel free to contact Deb if you have any questions.

A crowd of friendly Americans lift their flags and voices at the Washington, DC Tea Party.

Historic Tea Party Rally (September 12, 2009) — Washington, DC

Print Order Details

Deb adds her distinctive signature, copyright symbol and the year to the bottom of each print in a discreet manner.

Color image files are uploaded to Deb’s photo lab service, which utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and calibration procedures. Color prints are shipped directly from the photo lab in a timely manner.

Paper Type: Color photos are printed on Luster-finish Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II Photo Paper, which has an archival quality of 50+ years. Luster paper is a premium, professional photo paper, with a slightly textured finish that some call “pebbled,” that combines the best of glossy (a little sheen to give the colors some “punch”) and matte (resists and hides fingerprints, with little or no glare).

Print Longevity: Keep in mind that factors affecting the longevity of color prints (i.e., sun exposure, mat and glass protection, protective spray coatings, humidity, pollution and the like) will be at play differently in each user’s home, work or gallery.

Youth climb onto a statue at the DC Tea Party.

Historic Tea Party Rally (September 12, 2009) — Washington, DC

Cropping Information

The relationship of the length and width of a print is called the aspect ratio. Most cameras produce images with a 2:3 aspect ratio — which, for example, fits perfectly for 4×6 and 8×12 prints, and means that the entire image can be printed without requiring cropping.

Other print sizes, however, such as 5×7 and 8×10, do NOT have a 2:3 aspect ratio. What that means for these particular print sizes is that the LENGTH of the image will be shortened some on the print, usually cropping off a portion along each END of the length of the print.

In summary, whenever important subject matter spans the entire length of the image, a portion of the subject would be cropped off when being printed as a 5×7 or an 8×10 print, or any size print which does not have a 2:3 aspect ratio.

When selecting your print size(s) from the gallery price list, the sizes which require cropping will be denoted by the phrase, “some cropping required,” in the item descriptions. If the subject matter runs the entire length of the image, you may want to choose print size(s) that will not result in cutting off the subject on the long edges of the print(s).

Woman waving flags at the One Nation Working Together Rally

One Nation Working Together Rally (October 2, 2010) — Washington, DC

Single Image Personal-Use Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are available in THREE sizes:

  • Small digital files are available at 545 x 362 (horizontal image) and 362 x 545 (vertical image). They’re perfect for use on personal websites and social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Small digital files are immediately downloadable upon payment.
  • Medium-sized 1800 x 1200 digital files are perfect, for example, for electronic presentations, screen savers, wallpapers, electronic picture frames, as well for larger display on personal websites and social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. You can also print the 1800 x 1200 images — up to a 5×7 print — on your home printer or through your favorite photo lab.
  • Hi-Res digital files are the LARGEST files available. NOTE: Some files have been optimally cropped from their original 4304 x 2852 pixel dimensions. However, severe cropping is NOT typically practiced.

Personal-Use Downloads are just that — for personal use only — and they are priced per image. They may NOT be distributed to others outside your immediate family members. Personal-Use Downloads may also NOT be used for editorial, promotional, advertising, or commercial purposes without a written license from Deb Phillips. You will be asked to agree to a Personal Use License prior to downloading any digital files.

Please contact Deb if you’re interested in using a digital image for PURPOSES other than for personal use.

A young girl holds up a sign at the 4/15/10 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party.

Tax Day Tea Party (April 15, 2010) — Winston-Salem, NC

Product Choices

Additional print sizes are available upon request.

Photo products other than those listed in the gallery price list can be purchased upon request. Here’s a list of some of the available products:

  • Black-and-White Prints
  • Custom Sepia-Tone (Black-and-White) Prints
  • Photo Collages
  • Posters
  • Canvas Wraps
  • Panoramic Prints
  • Square Prints
  • Holiday Photo Cards (4×6, 4×8 and 5×7)
  • Photo Books
  • T-Shirts
  • Aprons
  • Calendars
  • Tote Bags
  • Coasters
  • Buttons
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • First Class Stamps
  • Postcard Stamps
  • Trading Cards
  • Magazine Covers

If you’re interested in any of the products listed above, or any which are not listed, feel free to contact Deb with your request — or ask for a quote on a particular product or service.

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear - National Mall - Washington, D.C.

Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear (October 30, 2010) — Washington, DC

Shipping Information

Shipping costs are based on multiple factors:

  • Shipping method chosen
  • Size and number of prints and/or photo products ordered
  • Packaging appropriate for guarding against potential shipping damage
  • Destination location (when shipping via FedEx)

During the shopping cart process — after the order is entered and the shipping method has been chosen — the shipping costs will be calculated and provided prior to the final order submission. You will have an opportunity to change the shipping method prior to the final order submission. Of course, orders are final after that point and cannot be changed.

Choose from four shipping options:

  • USPS First Class Mail (Allow 5 to 10 business days)
  • USPS Priority Mail (Allow 4 to 5 business days)
  • FedEx 2nd Business Day (Allow 3 business days. NOTE: Does not ship to P.O. Boxes.)
  • FedEx Next Business Day (Allow 2 business days. NOTE: Does not ship to P.O. Boxes.)

Deb will finalize your images and upload the files to her professional photo lab on a first-come, first-serve basis. In most cases, Deb will upload your images to the lab within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please be aware that whenever an order involves multiple images, the time required to prepare and upload the files to the lab may be extended, depending on the number of products ordered. Once Deb has uploaded the files to the lab, your order will be placed next in line to be printed and shipped.

Please keep in mind that shipping times do NOT include the time required by Deb to retouch and prepare your digital image(s) for printing, nor does the shipping time include the production time at the photo lab.

In addition, please note that most orders ship from California, which is also a factor in determining how soon your order may arrive.

If you have an order that mixes large and small prints, or prints and other types of photo products (for example, mugs, magnets or note cards), they may likely be sent in multiple shipments from multiple locations.

During the order notification process, you will be reminded that some orders may be shipped from multiple locations. Please be aware that it may appear that you’re receiving conflicting notices, and they may look like they’re “overlapped.”

A Capitol Hill policeman engaged in crowd control at the 3-20-10 Washington, DC Kill the Bill Rally

Kill the Bill Rally (March 20, 2010) — Washington, DC

Use of Photos | Copyright Info

Please note that all prints and photo products are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may NOT be used for editorial, promotional, advertising, or commercial purposes without a written license from Deb Phillips. Please contact Deb if you’re interested in using a photo for purposes other than personal use.

All original images and website content at and in the Photo Gallery (at are copyrighted by Deb Phillips. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.

Black and white families posing for photos at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. 8/28/10

Restoring Honor Rally (August 28, 2010) — Washington, DC

Deb’s Promises

The personal and financial information that you provide when ordering prints or gifts/merchandise is only used to process your order. Your information will not be sold or shared with any third party. All credit/debit card information is sent via a secure web connection directly to the printing service. At no time does Deb have access to your credit/debit card information.

Deb strives to produce photos of the highest quality by individually enhancing and modifying each purchased photo. In the hopefully rare case that you’re not satisfied with your photos, it’s Deb’s goal to correct such issues to your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to contact Deb if you’re not quite happy with some aspect of your purchase.

An effervescent woman poses for a photograph at the November Speaks Rally.

November Speaks Rally (November 15, 2010) — Washington, DC