Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Religious Freedom and the “Slippery Slope”

ARE WE TOO BUSY, or too disinterested, to be bothered by incremental losses of freedom? If our lives are not directly affected by such losses, one might be tempted to think, Why bother getting involved in political issues? Yet to fail to do so to some extent is to neglect what the Founders prescribed — […]

Faces of the Tea Party Movement

IF MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTS are to be believed, the Tea Party movement is comprised of raging racists on the verge of anarchy. Such a characterization is ludicrous. Those who make such claims either have never been to a Tea Party, and/or they are attempting to deceive the American public about the Tea Party movement. The […]

Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party

A BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. was the backdrop for the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party. The rally was sponsored by the N.C. Tea Party and the Wake Forest College Republicans. A Genial Crowd Friendly folk of all ages gathered on the Wake Forest University campus to express support […]