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Restoring Honor Rally – 8/28/2010


Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by Deb Phillips | 9 Comments 

FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY — not politics — were the subjects of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally held on August 28, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Judging from much of the media coverage, the rally’s overtly spiritual content led many news correspondents into unfamiliar territory — into the realm of the Spirit. Expecting “political activists,” members of the media instead encountered an estimated 500,000 genial Americans, many of whom were eager to give praise to God and to offer fervent prayers for our country.

Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC - 8/28/10

Hundreds of thousands of Americans came from all across the country to attend the “Restoring Honor” Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on 8/28/10. So many people were using cell phones that cell service was intermittent, accounting for my succeeding at uploading only a few images to my Facebook account during the rally.

The “Restoring Honor” Rally paid tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens, with net proceeds going to the support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions. The foundation also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.

In addition to such well-known speakers as Dr. Alveda King and Sarah Palin, the program included the bestowal of the Badges of Merit to three outstanding recipients:

  • Badge of Merit for FAITH — Pastor C. L. Jackson • Houston, Texas
  • Badge of Merit for HOPE — Albert Pujols • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Badge of Merit for CHARITY — Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. • Salt Lake City, Utah
Overhead shot of crowd at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, Washington, DC - 8/28/10

The wide walkways on both sides of the Reflecting Pool were packed with people — all friendly and polite — an hour and a half before the rally started. I eventually accepted that I would not be able to squeeze my way to the front of the crowd. So “Plan B” was to gradually make my way toward the back of the crowd, which stretched back, nearly a mile, to the Washington Monument. I focused on capturing both wide and distance shots — and where possible, tried to capture well-composed close-ups of people.

What Did the Media Say?

It is unfortunate for America that many in the media inaccurately portrayed the “Restoring Honor” Rally. The rally was mischaracterized by some pundits as nothing more than a political event — just one big Tea Party — while others declared Glenn Beck to be a self-appointed leader or “Messiah hijacking a spiritual movement.

The Americans who attended the rally were ridiculed and falsely labeled by some pundits as “zombie Glenn Beck followers,” as “white bigots,” or as Christian or Constitutional “extremists.” Such distortions from the left-leaning press are all too common when they describe people who publicly stand for faith, traditional values, devotion to country and to the troops who serve to keep us free.

I simply encourage you to watch the C-SPAN video of the rally (link provided at the end of this article) and to form your own opinion. Look beyond the typical mainstream media accounts of the rally, in order to get to what’s true about this historic day.

A father and daughter at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC - 8/28/10

A father and daughter wait for the “Restoring Honor” Rally to begin.

Flag raised high by an attendee at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, Washington, DC - 8/28/10

Subtle Symbolism: The flag in the left hand symbolizes allegiance to country, while the right hand points heavenward, symbolizing allegiance to God.

Young ladies at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, Washington, DC - 8/28/10

These young ladies were clapping when I clicked off several shots of them. The timing of this particular image reminds me of prayer, which was invoked several times throughout the rally by various speakers.

Black and white families posing for photos at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. 8/28/10

Two families, two races posing next to each other at the pool in the center of the World War II Memorial. The values and principles they hold in common brought these families to the “Restoring Honor” Rally, transcending the age-old barriers of race and skin color. As Dr. Alveda King described, they are both part of the “human race.”

View from the Reflecting Pool at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, Washington, DC - 8/28/10

I finally managed to plow my way through the crowd to the edge of the Reflecting Pool — just in time to see these little ducks going by.

Important Updates Regarding Rally Criticisms

God, the Gospel and Glenn Beck
In the aftermath of the “Restoring Honor” Rally, some criticism erupted from segments of the faith community regarding the spiritual aspect of the rally and the fact that Glenn Beck is a Mormon. One online article, titled “God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck” comes from Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Interestingly, Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission was one of the 240 faith leaders who stood on stage with Glenn Beck.

“In the Market with Janet Parshall”
The 8/30/10 radio broadcast of In the Market with Janet Parshall dedicated its two-hour program to the discussion of the 8/28/10 “Restoring Honor” Rally. Host Janet Parshall brought on several guests, including her husband Craig Parshall, who discussed their concerns over the rally that focused on Glenn Beck’s Mormonism and what the Parshalls termed “synchronistic amalgamation,” or the blending together of certain concepts.

While I respect the Parshalls for their integrity and biblical scholarship, I have concluded that I do not agree with their assessment of Glenn Beck and the “Restoring Honor” rally. However, I encourage you to listen to the radio program (links provided below), yet I ask that you withhold your final judgment until you’ve read the two remaining articles, linked below the following audio links:

  1. AUDIO » HOUR 1 - 8/30/10 In the Market with Janet Parshall - Restoring Honor Rally
  2. AUDIO » HOUR 2 - 8/30/10 In the Market with Janet Parshall - Restoring Honor Rally
Man waving the flag at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, Washington, DC - 8/28/10

If clothes are a reflection of an individual’s personality, this is one very patriotic man!

Glenn Beck’s Response — A Must-Read Article

If you read nothing else on the “Restoring Honor” Rally, BE SURE to check out this particular online article, titled “I Think I See What Glenn Beck is Doing.” Of this author, Glenn Beck has said: “This guy gets it.”

Visit the Photo Gallery

To see MORE PHOTOS taken at the rally, please visit the “Restoring Honor” Rally, Washington, DC – 8/28/10 photo gallery.

More Photos on the Web

Some really GREAT photos of the “Restoring Honor” Rally can also be found elsewhere on the Web:

C-SPAN Video

C-SPAN did a great job on their rally coverage, wonderfully capturing the spirit of the event and the crowd. If you weren’t able to attend the rally or watch the live coverage, I encourage you to watch the video here: C-SPAN Video — “Restoring Honor” Rally, Washington, DC – 8/28/10.

V Formation Flyover

Finally, just as the “Restoring Honor” program was beginning, Canadian Geese flew over the Reflecting Pool in V formation. It was a striking sight to see as the program was getting underway. Check out the flyover in YouTube video below. LINKS are also provided to additional videos taken from varying angles.

About Deb Phillips
Deb Phillips is a freelance photographer and writer based in Lewisville, NC (USA). In addition to reviewing Deb's documentary coverage here at 912Photos.com, check out her inspirational photo blog at LewisvillePhotos.com and her personal photo portfolio at Deb Phillips Photography, where Art & Life Converge.


9 Responses to “Restoring Honor Rally – 8/28/2010”
  1. Ted Beasley says:

    Dear Deb,

    That was a wonderful rally on Saturday, but I feel that there’s a problem. Glenn Beck is a wonderful American, but he professed to being a Mormon on Chris Wallace’s Fox Sunday Show. I believe that he referred to those present as being “Children of God.”

    Deb, you and I know that all men are created in God’s image; but to be His child, you must know Him as Savior and Lord. Mormonism neither believes nor teaches this. On most social and political issues, born-again Christians can support Mormons; but from a spiritual perspective, we are certainly not in agreement. Janet Parshall’s In The Market program on Moody Radio, Mon. 8/30, had very good coverage on this very issue. We admire Glenn Beck’s stand on political issues, but not on spiritual issues. Mormonism is far from orthodox Christianity. Your pictorial coverage was outstanding.

    We really love you, Deb, and hope to see you sometime soon. Write us on Facebook.

    • Deb Phillips says:

      Ted, good to hear from you. It looks like I got your attention!

      I would like to clarify that I do not adhere to Mormon doctrine. Neither I do agree with every single thing that Glenn Beck says on spiritual matters. But Beck has been instrumental in teaching Americans much of what is happening in our government, and how we’ve gotten to this place, from our Founders’ time till now.

      Folks went to the D.C. rally because we know that politics is not the answer to our nation’s problems. In retrospect, I can say that that doesn’t mean we/I agree with everything that was said during the rally or with the presence of every participant.

      I’ve watched Glenn Beck’s program for over a year now. I’ve heard his “testimony” over time. On his 7/13 program, in the context of discussing liberation theology, Beck shared his view of salvation. Check out the video and partial transcript of that program and see what you think on his comments about his own salvation. Here’s the link: Glenn Beck: Liberation Theology and Social Justice — Video/Transcript.

      Maybe I’m naive (or deceived?), but I tend to think Glenn Beck knows the Lord — even though he’s a Mormon. Some think that’s impossible. I think he may know the Lord just like I think there are Catholics who know the Lord, even though the Catholic Church has some bizarre and extra-biblical teachings. My grandfather and several uncles were Masons, an organization also considered by some to be a cult, yet I believe they knew the Lord. Am I naive or deceived?

      I listened to the 8/30 Janet Parshall program you mentioned. I don’t think Glenn Beck is saying he’s the leader of a spiritual movement. I’ve never heard him claim that role, and he didn’t say that at the rally. I do think he hopes to help stir up people of faith, including clergy. Yes, there was a mixture of faith leaders who locked arms on stage behind him at the end of the program. The Parshalls believe that was a “synchronistic amalgamation.” I don’t know why Glenn felt he had to have non-Christian faiths represented at the rally. Maybe that was a compromise on his part, or maybe he simply wanted leaders of other religions to at least teach their followers not to hate or kill people.

      A number of speakers at the rally distinctly expressed their faith in Jesus Christ. I don’t know who all of the 240 clergy were that stood on the stage behind Glenn at the end of the rally, but among them were Richard Land and James Dobson.

      Now that the rally has come and gone, I find it ironic that before the rally, I was taking pains to respond to questions and objections to the rally because it was presumed to be an off-base political event. Now, I’m responding to questions and objections over the spiritual nature of the rally.

      I’m really kind of weary with all the uproar about the rally. The country is in trouble, and that’s the simple reason that 500,000+ people went to Washington on 8/28. I’m glad I went.

      Thanks for writing, Ted. I hope you all are doing well. It’s been 16 years since I visited with you folks. It might be time for another visit, huh?! Love you folks, too.

  2. Jone Reid says:


    It’s been interesting to hear and read what the Christian critics are saying about the Restoring Honor Rally. Seems to me the people who chose not to take the 12+ hour bus ride to hear Beck first hand are the biggest doubters of his Christian heart. It would be interesting to sample the 500,000+ present to get their interpretation of Beck’s speech. Has anyone interviewed a person who attended the rally who thought it was heresy? I’m not a regular Beck watcher, but I’ve heard enough to know he’s got more truth than I’m hearing coming from Washington. Do we want to sit in our homes and feast on the stream of baby food media that has been so puréed we don’t know what truth really is?

    I went to DC because a friend bought me the bus ticket. At the end of a long work week, I wanted to sleep in on Saturday, but couldn’t because another had paid my price. Oh my, that’s beginning to sound like what my Savior did! Sometimes we push onward because Christ did pay our price and we want the world to know. Operating on only 2 hours of sleep, I made my weary walk to the Lincoln Memorial arriving at 7:00am. I was amazed at the large crowd of people already there. As time grew closer to 10:00am I looked behind me and saw a sea of people just as there was before me. No one had political signs. Many were dressed in red, white and blue. I didn’t hear any political jokes or condemnations from the crowd. I did see like minded people gathered in one place to say we want to see the honor and Christian principles this nation was founded.

    If a Christian leader makes a stand against evil, the media demonizes him/her. I’m appalled Christians are doing the same thing to Beck. No man knows another’s heart. Let his words and actions speak for his relationship to our Lord. I agree with you Deb, I have met Catholics who are born again believers and I can’t help but believe there will be Mormons in heaven too. Salvation is a surrender of the heart and seeking after truth. The believers in the crowd didn’t turn off their Christian discernment to follow a man. No we were there to say this great nation has sent and supported those who go into the far off lands to protect our home interests, liberate others and carry the Good News of Jesus Christ as Savior. We want to see this sending nation live that call and lifestyle on our home soil. To keep our mouths shut and stay home is to say to our nation, Christians don’t care.

    Each denomination has different customs and beliefs, but if a person says Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior who died on a cross and rose from the dead, then how can we question their salvation. To do otherwise is reason to ask God to have mercy on us.

    • Deb Phillips says:

      Hi, Jone —

      As a matter of fact, in Ted’s comment above, he referenced the 8/30/10 radio broadcast by Janet and Craig Parshall. They’re well respected conservative Christians, and they did attend the “Restoring Honor” Rally. Several of the guests on their show were former Mormons. I took time to listen to and ponder the program. It did give me a lot to think about, and I learned a lot that does alarm me about Mormonism.

      Yet after listening to and mulling over the content of both hours of the broadcast — and also contemplating what I’ve heard from Glenn Beck concerning his walk with the Lord — I’ve come to respectfully disagree with the Parshalls, at least until I learn something that indicates to me that Glenn Beck does not know the Lord.

      I’ve uploaded both hours of the Parshall’s radio broadcast so that my blog readers can listen to and consider for themselves the issues the Parshalls have raised. In case you’d like to listen to them, the “Janet Parshall” audio links are located in the “Important Updates Regarding Rally Criticisms” section above.

      Whatever stance Christians take on Glenn Beck and the rally, I know that in the end we all want to see our country turn back to God. May we truly hear what the Spirit is saying and be in lockstep with Him.

  3. Barry Berg says:

    While at the 8-28 Restoring Honor gathering, I was struck by three extraordinary items to be seen there. I was seated on the grass near the second Jumbotron within the large grass acreage to the south of the tree line along the mall.

    1) Just as the pre-show collage of American vistas concluded at about 9:55 a.m., there was a distant surge of cheering heard from the direction of the Washington Monument to the rear of us. The sound was rising as many of us were standing up to see what was going on back there to our right. As that “V” flyover of geese went by towards the Lincoln Monument, the full overflight of those birds was visible just barely above the trees that separated us from the mall. Everyone saw them and the specialness of that moment was deeply felt by all. It seemed miraculous. My own thought was: “Wow! What are we into here today?” It was a sacred experience. Less than two minutes later, the stage show commenced. That cheering had followed the progress of that flight of geese like a linear stadium “wave” at a sports event. Naturally unforgettable. Spiritually emphatic. What can one say about such a thing at such a moment?

    2) About halfway through the presentation, I had to leave there due to the heat, so I went towards the shade of the trees to the south side. As I went into those trees, I was also becoming too distant to hear more than some indistinguishable echoes from the nearest Jumbotron speakers. The acreage beneath those trees was solidly filled with faces of people who were also unable to hear it, and I marveled at how such a mass of people merely accepted that same lack of hearing the show and were merely happy to just “be there.” I also wondered how all of them might be estimated into the count as they were solidly settled under those trees for long distances all of the way back to the Washington Monument – as well as all of the way forward. I kept moving rearward along the crowded walkways.

    3) I reached the crossing to go back to the north side of the mall and found that there were masses of people still arriving from the Capitol direction while I was making my way towards the shaded areas on the north side of the mall. Back there the echoes of the speakers were barely heard. In those northern trees the crowding was the same and the attitude of people was the same – just happy to be there, even though the program’s words were lost to all that far back. I took several pictures in all directions from there. So, for most of the show I was like all of them – just happy to “be there.” Near the closing time of the show, I had worked my way up to be near the Vietnam Wall and had seen no places in those trees where the crowding was diminished. As I saw the program was over, I was walking towards the street to make my way towards the Foggy Bottom station to get back to Dulles for my flight to San Francisco. But before I crossed the street, I saw another charter bus freshly unloading more arrivals, even though they had missed the closure of the stage presentation. The airport was seen to have many flag-bearing and t-shirt wearing departures, and my own flight had many of those, as well.

    It strikes me that in this economy that for all who were able to be there, there must have been millions more who could not afford to make the trip from all parts of our country – but were at home and sharing that spirit in heart with us who could. I had fractured my own August budget to do it myself, but will never regret this. Despite all the good things stated from the stage, it had been the sighting of those ” V-geese” that had already overwhelmed me even before that show began.

    God blessed America with his “V” for victory geese flyover. That gave me all of the faith, hope, and charity I see as possible now for all of us citizens. God was an American patriot on that day.

    • Deb Phillips says:

      Barry, thank you so much for writing and sharing about your rich experiences at the “Restoring Honor” Rally, including the surprising V-formation flyover of the Canadian Geese. I saw it, too. Those were marvelous moments.

      Yes, there’s no telling how many folks might have been there, had their schedule, finances, and physical abilities permitted.

      Your recollection of the V-formation flyover made me realize that it would be worth mentioning in the article. So I’ve added a link to one particular YouTube video of the geese flyover, plus links to a few other versions of it. I think the flyover symbolizes how special the day was.

      Thanks again for visiting the site, Barry, and for contributing your unique perspective on the “Restoring Honor” Rally. All the best to you.

    • Sandra Lococo says:

      Dear Barry,
      I have just read your most eloquent words describing 8/28. Thank you for them.
      Indeed, God was an American Patriot on that glorious day.
      I share your sense of now feeling a renewed confidence and a strengthened sense of faith, hope, and charity — as America is at yet another ‘dangerous hour’ in her history.
      I am so proud to be able to say that, yes, I was there. I will never forget it.
      I attended with my 49-year-old son. He pushed me in my wheelchair.
      I would run out of space if I recounted all the simple acts of kindness shown to me as a senior in a wheelchair.
      Also, quite amazingly, many people came up to me and gently touched me on my arm or shoulder and quietly said ‘Thank you so much for coming.’ Their genuineness brought tears to my eyes.
      I am just a senior with white hair. They were so kind to me.
      It was an honor just to be there with so many good, decent, honorable Americans who love their beloved country.
      How I love America!! America will survive. How can it fail with citizens and patriots like those we saw and met at 8/28?
      We must stay involved, be aware and continue to speak up and speak out.
      Thank you again for your wonderful words, Barry.
      And a huge ‘Thank you’ to you, Deb. This is a wonderful site.

      • Deb Phillips says:

        Sandra, thank you so much for sharing your special experience of 8/28. (I wonder if I passed you somewhere along my trek through the crowd that day!)

        You’re right that we must continue to be vigilant, as our dear country and the freedoms we cherish are at stake. Thank you for writing. It’s really a privilege to be co-laboring with you and so many others who want America to remain strong and free.

  4. Barry Berg says:

    Thank you, kindly, Deb and Sandra, for your kind words about how I expressed my sentiments – with special reference to the “V”-flight of geese that was so emphatically placed by God into the program as His natural pre-invocation.

    As I write now this is 26 days since that day – and that moment – and I continue to keep tossing that “V” moment around in my head. There is no way that I will ever get over that instant of realization about God’s partnership in Glenn’s spiritual, and special, event as those lovely birds became apparent and flew right past us – only barely high enough for us to see them above the height of the trees.

    I have since seen the You-Tube recordings made which caught that flight so well and have replayed the flight many times over. The best of those films showed that the birds veered northerly to the right well before they reached the stage area and so the people up there must have wondered what was afoot to their rear. Nonetheless, there has to be about 500,000 people there who saw what that was.

    Long ago, 41 years back to be exact, I was shown several undeniable signs of God before, so I am not new to being cognizant of His ways. All I can say to enlarge upon that is that His signs are always unforeseen, stunningly timed, and unimaginable by man an instant before He exhibits His most appropriate answer to anything. When you really, really need Him, He will let you know He is there – if your heart is righteously ready to accept Him. At least 500,000 hearts were right that day, so what could be better than putting it in the air – right up the center of it all – for so many to see. Glorious.

    God knows that our culture is filled with mass gatherings where we have an event-driven habit of generating powerful military flyovers just at the outset of such events. But here you had a much more powerful of flying statement than anything man could have made with all the fighter jets in the inventory – and about 20 geese was all He needed for that. The puny sacrifice I expended to be there has turned out to be the finest investment in faith, hope, and charity I have ever spent in my lifetime. And you could feel the surge of that belief spread across the massive breadth of that crowd all around you. If I had not been there to see it myself, my only possible comment might have been “unbelievable.” God “happened” to that mass of humans.

    As for me, this was also a reminder of what I once saw more than 40 years ago sent into my life, now, just to make sure I haven’t forgotten what He does. Out of that many people gathered for this visitation, I am sure there must be tens of thousands who would say the same as I do.

    You see a thing like this in one lifetime, and you don’t have to believe – you just know.

    America will be OK. He is saying so to us. Things might get worse before they get better, but we know where we have to be in the meantime, with Him; and the “getting better part” is inevitably His decision. By buzzing us with “V-geese,” we have to already know what His decision has been.

    God is logical; and what I have tried to note, above, is about as logical as I can be about what He does.

    Bless you all,

    Barry Berg

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