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Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party


Posted on Friday, April 16, 2010 by Deb Phillips | 11 Comments 

A BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. was the backdrop for the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party. The rally was sponsored by the N.C. Tea Party and the Wake Forest College Republicans.

A crowd gathered on Davis Field at WFU for the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party.

A crowd gathered on Davis Field at Wake Forest University for the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party.

A Genial Crowd

Friendly folk of all ages gathered on the Wake Forest University campus to express support for limited government, lower taxes, individual responsibility, free markets and fiscal responsibility.

An April 16, 2010 Winston-Salem Journal article reported that attendance for the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party rally was “about 700.” While I confess that estimating crowd sizes is outside my realm of expertise, I surely thought the crowd size was at least 1,000.

UPDATE ON 4/20/10: According to an April 19, 2010 email from the N.C. Tea Party organization, Wake Forest University Police estimated the 2010 Winston-Salem Tea Party attendees at more than 1,500. Thanks also to Sallie Tucker for information provided in her comments below that more closely puts the crowd size at 1,700.

Another view of the Tea Party gathering in Davis Field at Wake Forest University across from the Scales Fine Arts Center.

Tea Party attendees brought chairs and signs to Winston-Salem’s Tax Day Tea Party rally.

Tea Party Speakers

The speakers for the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party included:

  • Nathan Jones • Primary organizer for the N.C. Tea Party
  • Austin Shrum • Chairman of the Wake Forest College Republicans
  • John Hood • President of the John Locke Foundation
  • Dr. Greg Brannon • Physician and constitutional conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina
  • Jared Fuller • Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Year of Youth
  • Francis X. De Luca USMCR (Retired) • Executive Director of the John W. Pope Civitas Institute
College students joined the Tax Day Tea Party on the campus of Wake Forest University.

College students join the crowd at the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party rally.

A Winston-Salem, N.C. Tea Party attendee reads an article about the Tea Party movement preceding the rally on the Wake Forest University campus.

Before the rally started, this Tea Party attendee was reading a John W. Pope Civitas Institute publication. An article on the page shown in this photo is entitled, “Tea Parties: Not a One-Sided Affair.”

Winston-Salem Tea Party attendees brought signs and flags to the Tax Day Tea Party rally at Wake Forest University.

Throughout the Tea Party crowd, men and women display U.S. flags and original signs.

The Revolutionary War-era Gadsden flag is often seen at Tea Party rallies.

The Revolutionary War-era Gadsden flag is a common sight at Tea Party gatherings.

Tea Party attendees express their views with creative signage.

A Tea Party couple express their view with creative signage.

Austin Shrum, the chairman of the WFU College Republicans, speaks at the Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party rally.

Austin Shrum, Chairman of the Wake Forest College Republicans, is seen in the distance speaking to the Tea Party crowd.

A young man listens to a Tea Party speaker.

A young man in the crowd listens intently to a Tea Party speaker.

A Tea Party attendee waves the U.S. flag at the rally.

The U.S. flag is frequently waved with enthusiasm by Tea Partiers.

A small child holds a U.S. flag and a stuffed friend at the Tea Party rally.

This little Tea Partier appears already to be cherishing her country, although perhaps not quite as much as she cherishes her furry little friend.

A patriotic Tea Party dog came to the Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party rally with her master.

If an official “Tea Party Dog” has not yet been named, I nominate this beautiful canine patriot.

Visit the Photo Gallery

The full PHOTO GALLERY containing 103 images is available for online viewing in the 4/15/10 Winston-Salem, NC Tea Party photo gallery. Just CLICK on the “Slideshow” link on the gallery’s menu bar, and then sit back and enjoy scenes from the 2010 Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party.

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11 Responses to “Winston-Salem Tax Day Tea Party”
  1. Jone Reid says:

    The crowd looked more like 1500 hundred to me. I wonder how the news media estimates their count of 700?

  2. Lynn Fritts Southern says:

    Winston-Salem Journal reporter seemed to try to turn this event into an all white event. The tea party has many supporters of all races and we welcome them. Very tired of the opposition attempting to play the race card. The tea party movement is “Not” about race and I can’t understand why they cannot understand that. Thank you.

    • Deb Phillips says:

      While it’s true that whites do constitute a majority of the Tea Party crowds, the media is obviously wrong to attribute that fact to racism. It will be interesting to see if the race card is used considerably right up to the 2010 elections, and beyond. Thanks, Lynn.

      • catherine lane says:

        The majority of this country is still white…the minority black and or hispanic…it only stands to reason…(something the left doesn’t understand of course)….that a cross section representative of America would feature less minorities in a crowd….does this mean they don’t adhere to the principles set forth by the tea party…maybe….however it would be interesting to note that whites are certainly a minority in an SEIU or ACORN group….one wonders why this isn’t questioned by the main stream (or lame stream) media……

        • Deb Phillips says:

          Hi, Cathy — Good to hear from you. Those are great points about both the country’s racial demographics and the imbalanced membership of SEIU and ACORN.

          I confess I can’t figure out the mindset of the extreme-Left media. Some of them seem more corrupt than blind, while others seem more blind than corrupt. I know many of them view those of us on the Right in much the same way.

          I do like to have honest discussions, when possible, with those who hold differing views than me; but sometimes it’s nearly impossible. In such cases, the conversation breaks down because Leftist ideology becomes more important than the facts. It can be exasperating.

  3. Pat Kleinmaier says:

    The media thought there was only 70,000 people at the 9-12 event too. As one who was there I can tell you they can’t count!

    • Deb Phillips says:

      Yes, it’s shameful that some (many?) journalists are biased and corrupt to the extent that they provide false, or unverified, information that serves their political views.

  4. lSallie Tucker says:

    An employee who was asked to be at the Tea Party told me Sat. eve. that they figured the number of attendees at 1700. She is employed by Wake Forest University, so I believe their judgment would be most accurate. It was a great crowd. It seems to me that perhaps the reason there do not seem to be a large number of black people is because they actually want the things that Obama favors — a caretaker government.

  5. Lynn Fritts Southern says:

    Great job on the photos, Deb. You really captured what the “Tea Party” is all about. Thanks.

    • Deb Phillips says:

      Thank you, Lynn. I really enjoy capturing the essence of people, life and worthy causes…and I meet some great people in the process! Tea Partiers are some of the best; their values, love of country and dedication are part of what makes people — and nations — great.

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